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                               MILITARY ELECTRONICS LEADER


Vladimir Verba General Director – General Designer of Joint-Stock Company “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega”

In accordance with the RF President Decree No. 569 dated April 28, 2004, Joint Stock Company “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega” was assigned with the task of providing the priority development of key technologies in radio engineering, radar facilities, ground-, air- and spaceborne reconnaissance and control systems in the interests of country’s economy and defense. To solve this task, the nine companies of the country’s radio electronic complex were incorporated into the Vega corporation structure.
Today, the structure of JSC “Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega” includes twenty scientific-research, design and industrial enterprises, the majority of which have unique experience and large scientific & technical potential regarding the problems of creating science-intensive and Hi-Tech products for Russian power structures and civil economy, as well as a great prestige with foreign customers.
The corporation head enterprise is a scientific and design organization with famous background. The central design bureau (CDB) № 17 established long-ago in wartime (October 1, 1944) was oriented to the development of aircraft radar systems and equipment. Later, the enterprise was called scientific-research institute № 17, Moscow instrument-making scientific-research institute (SRI), and since July 2003 – Joint-Stock Company (JSC) " Radio Engineering Corporation "Vega" (JSC " Corporation "Vega").
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